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"Since its founding in 1986, VANGUARD has grown from a single manufacturing facility in Asia to a global corporation. With headquarters in Guangdong, China, VANGUARD has successful distribution, sales and administrative branches in Whitmore Lake, Michigan USA, Luxembourg, Europe and Tokyo, Japan. VANGUARD has earned a solid reputation that spans the world for a keen understanding of what the market demands: innovative features, functionality and reliability. Hundreds of thousands of photographers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts around the world use VANGUARD accessories every day. Unlike competitors, VANGUARD creates these innovative accessories from initial concept through manufacturing and distribution to the shelves of stores around the world. VANGUARD has earned quality and performance awards from notable industry publications and organizations. Most recently, VANGUARD earned a prestigious award for Alta Pro, a unique, stable and flexible tripod that enables photography at all angles. We were honored to receive the TIPA Award, the Technical Image Press Association Award. The editors of 25 of the top photography magazines from 10 European countries selected the best imaging products of the year. Alta Pro was voted the Best Accessory 2009 for its advanced flexibility and stability. "
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